Minister of Justice: "I Was Personally There on the Night When the Prisoner Was Transferred to Gori Hospital and Got Acquainted with the Conditions"

თარიღი: 22 ნოემბერი 2021
The Minister of Justice spoke live on Imedi TV about the health status of convicted Saakashvili and the conditions in Gori military hospital. According to Rati Bregadze, he was in Gori Hospital and got personally acquainted with the situation there.
"As it is known to the public, Mikheil Saakashvili was transferred to the Gori Military Hospital of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia. I was personally there on the night when he was transferred and got acquainted with the conditions. I also talked to the doctors,” said Rati Bregadze.
The Minister thanked all the agencies involved in the transfer of convicted Saakashvili to Gori Hospital:
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank, first of all, the doctors, as well as the State Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and all our staff, for ensuring that the whole transfer process was successful and peaceful."
According to the Minister of Justice, he has constant communication with the medical staff who treat the prisoner.
"There are two parallel processes - resumption of feeding after hunger strike and symptomatic treatment. According to the latest information, his health condition is stable and satisfactory," said the Minister.